How can I help you?

​Do you suffer from allergies, phobias, fear of public speaking, addictions or cravings for alcohol, chocolate/sugar, smoking, stress? Or are you suffering from pain in your body and cannot find any way to reduce it or improve it?

Do you have unresolved emotional issues or memories of painful life events you have experienced?  Do some experiences repeat themselves in your life but you cannot understand why? 

The therapies I offer work on all the conditions above and more.

Tapping4InnerPeace is all about the mind, body connection and it's role in our physical, emotional and mental well being.  Our bodies are composed of energy and when there are blocks in the energy or we are out of balance our bodies become unwell. 

The therapies I am offering have proven successful in thousands of clinical case studies and some GP's are using them with their patients.  Of course more than one session is usually needed to bring about benefits but I am not talking about years of them. Please see each page for more on each of the therapies I offer.

A Emotional Freedom Techniques Explained.

Welcome to Tapping 4 Inner Peace
Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique