Matrix Reimprinting

This is a development of EFT, so has the same basis in Chinese Medicine and Neurolinguistic programming. What do we mean by the Matrix? Approximately 95-98 % of our daily activities are run by subconscious programmes. Some of these will be negative programmes which were imprinted during the first 6 years of our lives. These programmes are based on misperceptions, trauma and observations of those around us, often our parents or carers. For example, a child witnessing an angry or even violent argument by his or her parents, could experience a whole range of emotions and can take on certain beliefs about themselves as a result.

The feelings and beliefs are held as images in our energetic field or Matrix. When we experience  stress and trauma our body tries to protect us with the Fight, Flight, Freeze response. The images we have are stored in the Matrix as a hologram. Known as Echo's (Energetic Conscious Hologram), they hold the trauma and similar events will trigger similar responses in us. So a person who holds a lot of trauma will be re-triggered often.

Imagine then being able to go into these Echo's and work with them to clear the trauma, the negative emotions and to replace the image with a much more positive image created by you. Working through the memory, releasing energy  the body can let go and feel safe.
Using Matrix Reimprinting we can go into specific memories of events which have influenced our beliefs about ourselves and transform the memories into a more positive picture.  This is particularly good for  traumatic events we have suffered, whether they are a big trauma or a small trauma.

We still use traditonal EFT at times to reduce emotional intensity. You may not be aware of certain beliefs or patterns which are influencing your current life, through EFT and Matrix Reimprinting we can explore these to clear energy blockages, to see things a in a new light and to bring about a shift in the body and mind.