Reiki is is a hands on energy therapy that harmonises the body and works with the body's own remarkable healing capabilities.  It was brought to the West from Japan and was devised by a monastic educator Dr Mikao Usui. A Reiki treatment will help accelerate the the natural healing process to restore balance on all levels, physical, emotional, and mental. Reiki is now recognised within our own NHS and is used concurrently with mainstream treatments.

Reiki works well for stress and related conditions such as aches/pains, insomnia, headaches, anxiety attacks and for promoting relaxation. This is a gentle and very natural treatment. In a Reiki session you are likely to feel heat coming from my hands, although this can vary from one person to another. Some people I have treated have seen colours in their mind's eye during their treatments. You do not need to believe in it, you just have to be open to it.