Case Studies - names are changed to protect confidentiality

Anne came to see me about general health difficulties and problems in life with her family and friends. We did some sessions of EFT which she got great comfort from and she learned how to use it for herself. I received a lovely thank you card from her.

Caroline was seeking help for an addiction to chocolate. We talked through events from her life and were able to connect this addiction to traumatic events in her life. She gleaned some new insights into what had caused this and the feelings and beliefs she had formed from it.


"I consulted Claire for help with childhood trauma which was impacting adversely on my life.  I was already familiar with EFT and so I knew how effective it can be.   Over the years I've consulted other therapists for help with emotional problems, with varying success, but by the end of my first session with Claire I knew I'd found someone with skills I'd not found in any of the others.


With her skilful insight and sensitivity we worked together on my issues using EFT to clear pain and unhelpful beliefs which had been in place for many years.


I felt completely safe and supported throughout the process.  When I walked into my first session Claire asked me what I most wanted to achieve and I replied that I wanted to become a better version of myself: at the end of what was a quite short number of sessions that is exactly what I became.  I felt I grew through the process and because of Claire's personality and approach I actually enjoyed becoming a better version of myself!


Should any further issues surface for me I wouldn't hesitate to see Claire again. Thank you Claire."

Emm, Heartfordshire

Sarah to came to see me about some long standing emotional issues around her family. Her parents had split up when she was 5, she had a step mother and a strained relationship with her father.  She was approaching a family event which was causing her to be apprehensive and anxious.  Her anxiety level was high. We worked through several series of tapping and her anxiety levels greatly reduced. By the end of the session the anxiety had virtually disappeared and she felt she was in a place where she could move forward with the issues in a positive way.

David came to see me about his smoking  and we worked through how he had gone back to it having once given it up. We discussed the circumstances which led him to do this and completed several rounds of tapping.  He experienced a shift in his feelings and thinking about what causes him to smoke. The following day he did not have a cigarette in the morning as he usually would have.



Reiki, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting


£40 per hour

Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer.  Payment for a Facetime session needs to be made prior to the session.